The Rules



Rules of Feminist Fight Club

(modified from the book Feminist Fight club to apply to pugilists)

Rule 1: You must talk about the Feminist Fight Club

Rule 2: You must talk about the Feminist Fight Club!!!

Rule 3: We fight patriarchy.  Fight each other in the ring, join forces outside of it.

Rule 4: Membership to the FFC means you have taken an oath to help other women -- all women.  Recognize another woman when she's put in that good work, mentor someone to reach the next level, or attend fights where women are on the card.

Rule 5: The FFC is inclusive and non-hierarchical.  Everyone's an equal fighter.

Rule 6: If someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is still not over.  The fight is not over until we have achieved equality for ALL women.

Rule 7: Whiiiiiich might be for a while.  So put on your favorite sports bra and gloves.

Rule 8: No wallflowers.  Everyone must fight.  This could mean literally or just figuratively.  No pressure to actually get in the ring.