Our Partners


Church Street boxing gym


Our home gym, Church Street Boxing has been part of the She Fights family since day one. They have provided a safe space for our girls to practice their boxing, and create a team of their own. A staple of the New York fight scene, Church Street is a place where you can find professionals and amateurs alike practicing their moves. The gym is located near City Hall in downtown Manhattan, and is open seven days a week.


Society nine


Founded by Lynn Le, Society Nine provides quality combat products, whose design, creation, engineering and execution is done truly with the female fighter in mind, and any aspiring female fighter who wants to get into the sport. Society Nine outfits our girls with gloves created specifically to fit women's hands, preventing injury with a snugger fit, while looking totally badass


unity jiu jitsu


She Fights and Unity Jiu Jitsu formed a partnership in January of 2018 to begin offering classes in a new and exciting combat sport. Under the tutelage of Coach Ana Lowry, our students have been learning the staples of BJJ including arm bars, choke holds, and grappling. Founded by the husband and wife team of Ana Lowry and Murilo Santana, Unity offers a safe and respectful environment for anyone to practice the sport.


Girl Gang wraps


Girl Gang Wraps was created for the girl that practices martial arts but also likes making a fashion statement. Juliana Cardona founded the brand in April of 2017, and She Fights almost immediately jumped on board. Supporting our local girl gangs is what we're all about!