May 2018

“Boxing is the conduit,” Gonzalez explained. “This isn’t going to be about self-defense at all. You’re going to come in thinking it is, but it’s not going to be self-defense. I’m going to teach you a strength about yourself that you didn’t recognize was there; you’re going to learn how to take that strength and apply it to things outside of boxing.”

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January 2018

Contact sports changed everything for me when I discovered them in college. Now that my knee won’t let me play rugby anymore, I’m thrilled to find an organization pushing women to be the strongest versions of themselves, whether it looks “cute” or not.

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july 2017

Liang, another Young Women’s Leadership School student, says she appreciates She Fights for more than just the workout. “Coming here gives me another community,” she explains. “There are such strong women in this thing that’s really dominated by men. It’s really inspiring.”

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March 2017

She Fights was founded on the belief that boxing can help empower some of society’s bruised souls.  Gonzalez, a long-time advocate for women’s rights, felt the power of boxing for herself while training in a gym in New York City.  An idea began to form, and from this an ideal was born.  Why not use boxing as a tool to tap in to the power that women, and more specifically, vulnerable women, have in their souls.

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