The FFC Pledge


I, (state your name), pledge to be an ally to, and supporter of, ALL women.  I pledge to encourage other women on their journey to find their inner fighter, to lift them up when they want to quit, and to help other women become their strongest selves.  I will actively support women brave enough to step in the ring by attending events where women are on the card and bringing with me my pussy posse to cheer them on.  

I promise to speak up against misogyny, and call out anyone who uses language that explicitly or implicitly states that women are not equal to men.  This includes, but is not limited to:

"You don't look like a fighter."

"You can do girl push ups."

"You don't have to be so aggressive."

"You're too pretty to fight."

"Don't you feel bad hitting someone?"

"Women don't have the same endurance as men."

"People don't want to watch women fight."

"You're not sexy enough."

I pledge to tell anyone and everyone about Feminist Fight Club and encourage them to become a member.  And I pledge to not end the fight until women have achieved equality.

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